Does This graphic display Heath Ledger’s Joker Doing a Skateboard Kickflip Over Batman?

Does This graphic display Heath Ledger’s Joker Doing a Skateboard Kickflip Over Batman?


A photo suggests Heath Ledger’s Joker doing a skateboard kickflip over Batman.

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The Joker persona, as portrayed through actor Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 Batman film The darkish Knight, is regularly regarded as some of the best film antagonists of all time. The late actor was answerable for probably the most movie’s most memorable moments, such because the opening financial institution theft, the ugly disappearance of a pencil, and the time the Joker jumped over an injured Batman on a skateboard.

That closing part, at least, looks to be the myth at the back of a doctored viral

This image has been circulating online given that as a minimum 2009, and youngsters a couple of sites have weighed in and decided that the skateboard seen in the image is a digital addition, the picture continues to fool a couple of internet clients each time it’s reposted on pleasant media.

one of the vital noted scenes from Nolan’s dark Knight took area on the streets of Gotham Chicago, as Batman tried to chase down the Joker and his band of thieves. at the conclusion of the pursuit, Christian Bale’s darkish Knight swerved his automobile to steer clear of working over Gotham’s new villain, crashing it and ending up sprawled prone on the street.

The Joker then approached the motionless Batman and did a little hop over his body. The original unedited picture essentially certainly stems from the filming of this scene, which can be glimpsed around the 4-minute mark in right here video:

The customary photo turned into used as a promotional photograph for the movie through Warner Bros. and has been archived on the film Stills Database considering that November 2008.

here’s a assessment of the actual film nonetheless left and the doctored skateboard photo correct:

A faint Warner Bros. watermark can also be noticed within the backside correct corner of each of these pictures.

despite the fact this viral photograph is a doctored one, actor Heath Ledger really did skateboard round Chicago during the filming of The darkish Knight. so far as we can tell, youngsters, Warner Bros. did not free up any reputable photographs of the actor costumed because the Joker whereas riding a skateboard:

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fact Checker: Dan Evon

31 August 2018

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